Baby Massage

Baby Massage

Unlike prenatal massage which requires a specialised massage therapist who understands the contraintradictions associated with timing and techniques, baby massage is not complicated or hard.

Baby Massage is mostly about using a baby’s first sensory stimulation – touch – which first starts in the womb. As well as the first form of communication – eye contact.

There is no right way or technique to massage baby. It’s mostly about applying a gentle touch and being aware of how they respond. They will tell you what they like or don’t like.

It’s a great way for a mother or caregiver to bond and create calm time with their baby.

It’s a great interactive opportunity for siblings, who through something as simple as a light foot massage (supervised of course), can learn empathy and connect with their new baby brother/sister.

Two weeks ago I was at a family gathering and my partner’s cousin was there with her 2 month old daughter. I was cradling baby in my lap facing outwards and towards her ‘mum’. Whilst I was gently rolling my fingers along each of her thighs, tummy and arms, mum was getting so much joy in just watching her daughter’s angelic expressions and listening to her soothing sounds – a calming and joyous experience for both mother and baby – just from a simple touch and massage.

Something so simple, offering a beautiful experience for mother and baby.

You don’t need to spend a long time massaging a baby. They are happy with only a few minutes. By the age of 3, 85% of a baby’s brain is developed.

Every experience leading up to this time helps to shape baby’s brain and a healthy, happy development. Research has found that regular massage can lead to increased awareness and attentiveness.