A body scrub is aimed to rescue and renew your mind, body and soul.

A body scrub massage is a popular body treatment, whereby a qualified therapist massages into your body, a grainy mixture with the intent to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells, leaving skin smooth, subtle and hydrated and your circulation flowing. It works by gently detoxifying your skin’s surface of impurities, whilst enjoying a warm relaxing escape in an ambient room.

Our Body Scrubs are performed in a serene room, on our luxurious massage bed.  Whilst in most treatments we would simply remove the exfoliant with steamed towels. Our room is equipped with a shower facility if preferred.

Body scrubs are a grainy mixture – usually massage oil mixed with sea salt or sugar and may include aromatic essential oils –  containing various seeds, spices, fruit grains and oils.

Muscle Essence offer several hypo allergenic body scrubs, with key ingredients including coriander seeds and avocado, to protect the skin’s natural moisture barrier; hydrating massage oils containing grape seed oil to support collagen and skin firmness and/or sesame oil to moisturise dimple skin to look smoother. Other ingredients may include almonds, orange, honey to refresh and leave you with smooth fresh feeling skin. It’s your choice. We can guide you based on your preference and what you aim to achieve from the treatment.

We appreciate that salts and sugar textures in scrubs can be abrasive. We also appreciate individuals have different levels of sensitivity.  We make sure we apply the scrub and exfoliate light handily, in slow gentle strokes, seeking your preferences as we work through the scrub.

We encourage you to speak up and let us know your preferences to ensure you get the benefits and experience of an indulgent treatment every time at our clinic. Our body scrubs may follow with an application of refreshing lotion or cream that leaves your skin moist and hydrated.

Body Scrub Massages, are a great way to finish off your body scrub treatment. It’s a way to escape for longer and enjoy a Swedish massage using one of our hypo-allergenic massage oils. Alternatively, you may choose to add an aromatic essential oil for a more purposeful finish to your indulgent treatment. Whatever treatment you chose, the body scrub goes first because it is stimulating. If you chose a mud wrap, that comes next. We finish off with the Swedish relaxation massage as it helps to calm the body and mind.

You can get a body scrub treatment on its own or add a massage to it, but often it’s the first step in a body wrap, another added signature treatment we may offer.

The options are endless and purely your choice.


Body scrubs help to:

  • Improve circulation
  • Reduce cellulite
  • Balance your skin tone
  • Rid of flaky skin
  • Rejuvenate, hydrate or simply allow your body mind and spirit to relax
  • PERFECT in preparation for that Spray Tan