It’s a fast paced and moving trend. Massage therapy is more becoming part of wellness programs. Organisations who are dedicated to retain staff and uphold a positive reputation of being a standout company – an employer of choice – look to engage in wellbeing programs.

Those organisations who understand the continued workload pressures, the challenges of work/life balance and ergonomic strains on the mind, body and spirit of those working in a corporate environment, also appreciate the benefits and significant impact massage can have on the culture, results, efficiency, productivity and emotional & physical wellbeing of staff in these environments. The positive impact on the perception and reputation of management and the organisation also goes without saying.

Through Corporate Massage partnerships Muscle Essence branches off as Muscle Wellness. Muscle Wellness is a partnering program between a fully equipped massage therapist and your workplace wellness program.

Corporate massage can be executed in various ways. Historically, trends were such that a small team of massage therapists would circulate the office and perform 3-5min massages at workstations. Nowadays, it’s deemed upon as less intrusive and distracting, but also more effective, for staff massages to be performed away from the desk.

The objective is to massage individuals or teams of workers in the same environment. This can be done in a designated private room/space for a designated time, either as a seated massage or table massage.

The seated massage usually focuses on 10 to 15 minutes of massaging while seated. This seated massage concentrates on the neck, shoulders and back region, to help relieve tension and stiffness cause by workstation habits, poor posture and pressures. Chair massages are fully clothed and there is no use of oils

The table massage focuses on 30 to 60 minute full body massage, usually as a reward for top employees or even clients. This form of massage is also a common preference in smaller offices with fewer employees.

The massage therapist works in with the staff member applying the right amount of pressure and technique to suit. The massage should be enjoyable and effective enough for the staff member to feel great at the end of it, with some muscle train relieved.

The corporate massage partnership involves discussion of organisational requirements, frequency, how appointments are managed and general terms of the arrangements. Consent forms, health forms, risk management forms and Partnership Agreements are all designed and made available by Muscle Wellness.

Feedback is always encouraged.  Massage is a great way to start/end a day/week in the office.


Incorporating massage into wellness and reward programs within the workplace can promote a range of benefits and advantages. This includes:

  • Self Awareness & esteem
  • Balanced mind body & spirit
  • Balanced emotional and physical well being
  • Promotes team energy, productivity and results.
  • Establishes a positive workplace culture
  • Retains staff
  • Builds on the performance and reputation of the business/organisation.
  • Creates an ‘employer of choice’ culture