Who We Are
Our objective is to use a consultative approach to offer simple explanations to help all our clients appreciate the various massage technique used and to help them understand the benefits of a great massage.
One by which flexibility, posture and range of movement are restored and each client feels relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated after each treatment.
We care about your wellbeing and appreciate the importance of a balanced body, mind and spirit.
We do not just follow a routine and process. We take our time to understand, identify and talk our clients through their most appropriate massage treatment plan. We are guided by them to help determine this.
Through our consultative approach, we build trusting relationship proving we sincerely care. In full transparency, we even refer our clients to other practitioners to implement a balanced approach, if we feel they may obtain maximum benefit more from this.
They know that they can expect an effective outcome each time they visit.


Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Our manual lymphatic drainage technique encourages the natural drainage of the lymphatic system, helping to speed up the removal of waste, toxins...

Trigger Point Massage

When muscles are stressed, overused or injured, they often knot up within their muscle fibre and form trigger points. The trigger points

Body Scrub Massage

With the main to rescue and renew your mind, body and soul. It works by gently detoxifying your skin’s surface of impurities, whilst enjoying a...

Corporate Massage

A partnering program between a fully equipped massage therapist and your workplace wellness program. The main aim is to massage individuals or...

Pregnancy Massage

Prenatal use of Swedish Massage therapy techniques which supports the physiological structural and emotional well being of a mother, ready to give...

Acupressure Massage

A form of touch therapy in which pressure points in your body are stimulated by finger or elbow to allow pressure deep into the muscle. This...