Pricing (Effective April 2018)



Swedish Massage: (light, med, firm pressure)

Full body (60mins) $70
Incl head/face $15
Incl arms $20
Incl feet $25

Pregnancy Massage  (chair or table massage avail)

Labour Inducing (key pressure points) $100
Half Body (30mins) $60
Full Body (60mins) $80
Incl head/face $15
Incl arms $20
Incl feet $25

Body Scrubs and Massage

Body Scrub & Lotion (60Mins) $100
Body Scrub & Massage (90mins) $140




Sports/Trigger Point Massage: (Treatments include a 15min Swedish massage)

Legs, Calves  (45mins*) $80
Legs, Calves, Glutes (60mins*) $100
Back, Neck, Shoulders (60mins*) $100
Back, Neck, Shoulders, Glutes   (75mins*) $130
Full back, shoulders and full legs (2hrs*) $170


Add ons:

Arms $30
Plantar Fascia/Sciatica $50
Extend time of Swedish massage $1/min
Passive Stretching $2/min


*Treatments exceeding standard timeframes may incur a ‘10for10’ fee 

**Ask us about how we can help treat your plantar fascia, Bursitis, Tennis Elbow and sciatica issues**


Add Ons :

Essential oil to any treatment $5 (half body)
$10 (full body)
Face massage $15


Add any Olaze treatment to your session and enjoy a $20 discount off your Olaze treatment


Club Games/Training nights Quote on application
Corporate Massage Quote on application
Conferences and events $90/hr


Don’t have an hour to spare, try our “Lay and Run” $1 per minute for any massage less than half hour


Pregnancy Massage

30 minutes

45 minutes $70.00
60 minutes $80.00
90 minutes $120.00
Pregnancy Massage to onset labour $100.00
Trigger shoulder/upper arm (1 side) 45mins $80.00
Trigger legs/calves/Achilles 60mins $100.00
Trigger Hip/Glutes/lower back 60mins $120.00
Trigger back/neck/shoulders 90mins $120.00
Trigger legs/calves/glutes 90mins $130.00
Trigger upper back/glutes 90mins $130.00
Trigger shoulder/upper arm (L&R) 90mins $140.00
Trigger full back/glutes/legs 120mins $180.00